Our vision is focused on highlighting the attributes of the lands in our wonderful region, El Bierzo.

On the whims of nature, the different seasons in the year power with magic colours the atomized plots along the region where we observe different shades, intensities and slopes.

Our desire, as young winemakers, consists of maintaining a clear line where the image shows every single instant of the year which can be found in our landscapes. The same way the different plots, ages, terroirs and yearly weather mark the inside of the bottle we allow the landscapes to guide us so, with modernity, they mark the label.

Our VI LOF is an allegory of the colourful autumn in the vineyards. It shows the joy and vitality in the last breaths of the vines and their last colourful gift before the winter. The yellowish, ochre, orange and reddish landscape in Bierzo depends on the different plots and the mixture of varieties in the heterogeneous scenes we want to embody in the bottles’ exterior.

La Fontiña de Nai is a black label, it pictures the wintery vines in rest and gloomy landscapes during the season. Black in black represents the calm and rest in the fields where only the blue-sky stays waiting for the next revival of the coming spring.

The inherent message transmitted by the bottles besides the colourful design suggests that the observation point must be reversed, “it’s what’s inside that counts”.