fontina de nai 2018

This centenary plot is located near to an antique fountain. Its water was used to provide water to the cattle. “A Fontiña de Nai” comes from a mix of the original Galician which after years became in the name our grandparents used to denominate the plot, “La Fontiña de Nai” in the tribute of the situation of El Bierzo in the border between the two languages our people speak.

The harvest: Manually selected grapes of 100% Mencía made in September. The harvest is done in 20kg buckets so the bunches enter in the winery entirely.

The vineyard: “La Fontiña de Nai” comes from only one plot in “Las Villegas” spot. The clayey and boulder soil allows a biodynamic activity and regulated growing environmental friendly. Situated in a flat plain near to the fields of “El Friscal” enhance fine and mineral nuances maintaining the red fruity taste of Mencía.

Elaboration: The grapes are mainly stemmed but some bunches are manually selected to be placed completely into the stainless-steel tank where the spontaneous fermentation starts after a few days in cold maceration.

The fermentation with autochthonous yeast is combined with daily movements two times a day in order to homogenise the deposit and make the fermentation easier. The malolactic fermentation is done slowly in the 225 litre barrels, old barrels to avoid too much woody taste and keep the natural flavours. The ageing is done for 12 months and several decantation processes are carried out, so the wine is naturally filtered before being bottled.

The bottling is done in January of 2022 and bottles are kept resting without movements for some months, so the characteristics are integrated before going on sale.


  • Grapes: 100% Mencía from Valtuille de Abajo. El Bierzo. Single plot wine.
  • Elaboration: Traditional. 50% sparks. 12 months in French oak barrels.
  • Harvest: Manually selected.
  • Bottling: January of 2022. 1100 Bottles of 75 cl.
  • Age of vines: More than 100 years.
  • Alcohol: 14 %


• Red cherry with garnet red rim.

• Medium-high intensity of Mencía. Outlined the forest fruit candied. Powerful structured wine with aromatic vanilla flavour.

• Complex wine with a sweet, fruity and powerful structure. A Wine with a long journey in the mouth and dry tannings but also mature.