Matalospardos 2018

Located in the heart of Valtuille de Abajo, stands one of the main hills in the spot of “Mata Los Pardos” from where the name is taken. Settled on loamy-sandy soils the familiar fields are adjacent towards different orientations, northeast and southwest.

The particularity of the spot and the vineyards with more than 80 years give rise to a special wine with limited production which has a special place into the productions of our winery.

Harvest: The harvest was done in September by manual selection of grapes in the fields. The grapes are mainly Mencía with minimal proportion of autochthonous-traditional varieties which are present in the vineyard. The harvest is done in 20kg buckets so the stems are intact when they arrive to the winery.

The vineyard: Matalospardos comes from different adjacent plots in the Spot of the same name. The soils are loamy-sandy with both Southwest and Northeast orientations. The family vineyard has belonged to the family for generations and the vines are not very vigorous, with reduced production but aired and spread.

Elaboration: The grapes enter the winery once the stems are mature and then they are stepped, following the traditional method, in a stainless steel tank. The fermentation is started by the autochthonous yeasts at the ambient temperature. Every day the wine is moved up in order to help the fermentation and get the wine aired.

When the alcoholic fermentation ends, the wine is racked and decanted to obtain the clear product which will go into the barrels.

The ageing in barrels lasts 12 month in medium toasted 225 litre barrels. During the ageing, rackings are done as necessary. The intervention on the wine is keep as minimum during all the elaboration. The bottling of the wine is done after 12 months of ageing and then the wine is placed in wooden shelves where it stays for another 12 months. The total ageing time is 24 months before it enters the market.


  • Grape: Mainly Mencía with very small quantity of other autochthonous varieties. Own production. Valtuille de Abajo. Bierzo. Singular plot.
  • Elaboration: Traditional. 100% Stems. 12 months in French medium toasted barrels + 12 month in bottle.
  • Harvest: Manual Selected.
  • Bottling: January 2020. 1409 Bottles – 75 cl.
  • Vineyards age: +80 Years.
  • Alc: 13 %


  • Cherry red with reddish-orange rims.
  • Mencía with an intense aroma, very spicy with lactic notes.
  • Complex wine, with structure, reminiscent of berries and spices. Long palate and smooth and fine finish.