vilof 18

The harvest: The harvest of 100% Mencía grapes was done in September. Manually selected grapes in the vineyard. The picking is done in 20kg buckets so brunches arrive to the winery entire.

The vineyard: VI LOF is elaborated with the selected grapes from two of the family plots. The plot of “Los Cobos” in the spot of “El Foco”. The clayey soil and the south orientation make a structured wine with red fruit flavours due to the easy maturation. The 70% come from this plot while the other 30% come from other spots in Valtuille. Clay and boulder predominate in the area with different orientation and higher position so freshness and balanced acidity are detected from the wine from this plot.

The elaboration: The grapes from each one of the plots are de-stemmed and elaborated separately in stainless steel tanks with spontaneous fermentation with natural yeast from Mencía. Once the fermentation is finished, it is aged separately in French oak barrels for 12 months, never new barrels to avoid an over woody flavour.

During the ageing time some decantation is done in order to aerate the wine and natural clean it. There is no other filtering process done before the bottling so we try to enhance the structure and complexity.

After 12 months of ageing the coupage is done from the selection of the barrels. The bottling is done and bottles are kept in rest without movements for some months, so the characteristics are integrated before going on sale.


  • Grapes: 100% Mencía from Valtuille de Abajo. El Bierzo.
  • Elaboration: Traditional. Without sparks. Coupage of barrels.
  • Harvest: Manually selected.
  • Bottling: January 2021. 6500 Bottles of 75 cl.
  • Age of vines: More than 80 years.
  • Alcohol: 14 %


  • Red ruby with violet-shaded rim.
  • Mencía very expressed fresh nose and high aromatic potential, boysenberry fruit notes, with strawberry and mulberry
  • In the mouth we feel velvety sensations with good acidity and much expressed tannin end. Emphasise the strength and fruitiness from the tannin. Combined it is an harmonic wine with a strong varietal identity.